The Rig-It® Engineered Restraint Systemis a series of lightweight restraints used to reduce the effects of separation of high-pressure temporary flowlines. Oil companies and contractors are starting to mandate the use of high-pressure restraint systems during daily practices. Rig-It® Restraint is a patented product that satisfies the needs of these requirements.

Utilizing UHMPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), one of the world’s strongest synthetic fibres in conjunction with our patented half hitch installation, results in the Rig-It® restraint system being the most user-friendly restraint system on the market.

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Patented technology

UHMPE Integration



When compared to the competition’s polyester products the Rig-It® UHMPE is lighter, more abrasive, has higher chemical resistance, will not absorb water and freeze, higher UV tolerance and all with a strength to weight ratio twice as good as the polyester product. Do you need help with your project?​ Get a free quote.

Our Rig-It® Restraint

*Lighter and holds more than 2x the weight*

competition’s polyester products
The Competition

Too heavy and bulky

Product Usage Warning

The purpose of the Rig-It® Engineered Restraint System is to minimize the risks of catastrophic failure and breaks of high pressure flowlines. Flowlines can fail as a result of excess pressure, faulty connections, worn components, damage to the piping connection, or other reasons. The Rig-It® Restraint System is not a guarantee against the breaking, separation, or other catastrophic failure of high pressure flowlines; however, the Rig-It® Restraint System can help reduce this risk of damage or injury resulting from a catastrophic failure of a flowline. Prior to installing the Rig-It® Restraint System, you must carefully review the relevant installation documentation and training videos provided to you. If you are uncertain that you have the requisite skills and understanding to install the Rig-It® Restraint System properly, you must consult with an authorized Rig-It® Restraint representative prior to such installation.


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